Dr. Hasan Rafat Saad


Ph. D., Cairo University, Egypt

Current position:     Associate Professor   


Areas of interest:     

  • Environmental Radioactivity


Recent Publications:                                                                                     



1.     Determination of uranium in phosphate ore using γ-ray, X-ray, laser fluorimetry, preparation

      and analysis of its solid complex, 

      E.A. Saad and H. R. Saad,

      Egypt J. Chem. 44 (2001) 335.


2.    Ambient lead concentration in the parking area of Khaldiya Campus, Kuwait University,

     Y. Makdisi and H.R. Saad,

     Technology 8 (2002)  89.


3.    Radioactivity concentration in sediment and its correlation to the coast structure of Kuwait. 

     H.R. Saad and D. Al-Azmi,

     Applied Radiation and Isotopes 56  (2002)  991.