Prof. Mustafa A. Marafi


Ph. D., University of Michigan

Current position:     Professor


Areas of interest:     

  • Atomic collisions

  • Atomic spectroscopy

Recent Publications:     


1.      Laser spectroscopy and imaging of gallbladder stones, tissue and bile,

      M. Marafi, K.S. Bhatia, Y. Makdisi, J. Kokaj, M. Kutty,

      (Sent for Publication)


2.     Collision-induced shifts of rydberg levels of strontium,   

            M. Marafi, K. Bhatia, Y. Makdisi,

      J. of Physics B: At. Mol. Opt. Physics, 36 (2003) 1.


3.   Properties of RF-sputtered cadmium telluride thin films,  

         M. Marafi, F. El-Akkad, B. Pradeep,

    Journal of Material Science. 14 (2003) 21.


4.   Correlation of gallbladder stone and tissue fluorescent images,  

          K. Kokaj, M. Marafi, Y. Makdisi, K. Bhatia,

     SPIE, Vol. 4471 (2001).


5.    ITO Films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering: Effects of substrate temperature,

     F. El-Akkad, M. Marafi, A. Punnoose, G. Prabu,

     Phys. Stat. Sol. A 177  (2000) 445.