Dr. Yacoub Makdisi


Ph. D., London University, U.K.

Current position:     Associate Professor                                                                 


Areas of interest:     

Recent Publications:                                                                                     



 1.  W.I. Khan, Y. Makdisi, M. Marafi, P. Betty and G. Philips,

      Laser and Thermal Annealing Effects on the Optical Properties of n-GaAs[100] Crystals:

      Application to its Schottky Diodes,

      Accepted in Physica Status Solidi A, 181  (2000) 551.


 2.    Y. Makdisi, G. Philip, I. Al Ali and K.S. Bhatia,

      The J=2 Even Parity Spectrum For High Members of the Srl 5s nd  1,3D2  Rydberg Series

      in the Presence of Electric Fields and Weak Collisions, 

      Atom. J. Phys. (B) 33 (2000) 1.


 3.     J. Kokaj, M. Marafi, Y. Makdisi, K. Bhatia,

      Correlation of the gallbladder stone and tissue fluorescent images,

      Algorithms and Systems for Optical Information Processing, 4471 (2001) 124.


 4.  Y. Makdisi and H.R. Saad, Ambient Lead Concentration in the parking area of Khaldiya

      Campus, Kuwait University,

      Technology  8 (2002) 89.


 5.  M. Marafi, K.S. Bhatia, Y. Makdisi and G. Philips,

      Collision induced shifts of Rydberg levels of strontium,

      Journal of Physics B: Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics  36 (2003) 1835.