Dr. Peter Lajko


Ph. D., University of Szeged, Hungary

Current position:     Associate Professor

  • Statistical Physics

  • Spin-chain systems

Recent Publications:                                                                                   


1.   Correlation length-exponent relation for the two-dimensional random Ising model,

     P. Lajkˇ, and F. Iglˇi,

     Phys. Rev. E61 (2000) 147.


2.   Percolation and conduction in triangular-shaped system,    

    P. Lajkˇ, and  L. Turban,

    J. Phys. A33 (2000) 1683.


3.  Disorder induced cross-over effects at quantum critical points, 

    E. Carlon, P. Lajko, and F. Igloi, 

    Phys. Rev. Lett. 87  (2001) 277201.


4.  Griffiths-McCoy singularities in random quantum spin chains:  Exact   results through renormalization,

     F. Igloi, R. Juhasz, and P. Lajko,

    Phys. Rev. Lett. 86  (2001) 1343.


5.  Strongly disordered spin ladders,

        R. Melin, Y.-C. Lin, P. Lajko, H. Rieger, and F. Igloi,

    Phys. Rev. B65 (2002) 104415.


6.  Disorder induced phases in higher-spin antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chains,

        E. Carlon, P. Lajko, H. Rieger, and F. Igloi,

    Phys. Rev. B69  (2004) 144416.


7. Renormalization-group study of S=1 random antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chain,

    P. Lajko, F. Igloi, E. Carlon, and H. Rieger,

    Submitted to PRL.