Dr. Hala Khalid Al-Jassar


Ph. D., University of London, U.K.

Current position:     Assistant Professor                                                                

Areas of interest:     

  • Remote Sensing



Recent Publications:                                                                                     


1.  A simple model for the retrieval of soil moisture: A case study for Kuwait.

     H.K. Jassar,  K. S. Rao, I. Sabbah and Viju Daniel,

     International Journal of Remote Sensing 27 (2006) 329.


2.  An  assessment of brightness temperature data quality of   MSMR of IRS-P4 sattelite, 

     K.S. Rao, H. K. Al Jassar, P.S. Narvekar and N.B. Shardul, I. Sabbah, Viju Daniel,

     International Journal of Remote Sensing  27 (2006) 277.


3Study of DEMS derived from ERS-1/2 SAR and SRTM data

     K. S. Rao, M.G. Naidu, J. Sakalley, S. Phalke, and H. K. Al Jassar,

                   Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing 33 (2005) 267.


              4.  A Study of the applicability of repeat pass SAR interferometry for generating DEMs over several Indian sites,

                    K. S. Rao, H. K .Al Jassar, S. Phalke, Y. S.Rao, Jan-Peter Muller, and Zhenhong Li,

                    International Journal of Remote sensing 27 (2006) 595.


      5.  Remote Sensing of Desert Dust in Kuwait,  

      I. Sabbah, T. Saeed, H.K. Al Jassar and K. S. Rao,

      Kuwait Journal of Science & Engineering, (in press, 2006)


      6.  Integration of Remote Sensing and Photosociology in Arid  Habitats: A vegetation map

           of Failaka Island, Kuwait,

           G.A. Abbadi, H.K. Al-Jassar and M.A. El-Sheikh,

           Journal of Faculty of Science, United Arab Emirates (submitted) 2004.