Dr. Fatima Al-Douseri


Ph. D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY

Current position:     Assistant Professor                                                                 

Areas of interest:     

  • Terahertz wave technology

  • Laser and Opto-electronic research

Recent Publications:                                                                                     


    1. Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy of atmosphere with different   humidity,

        Tao Yuan, Haibo Liu, Jingzhou Xu, F. Al-Douseri Ying Hu, and Xi-Cheng Zhang.

        The International Society for Optical Engineering Proceeding, pp. 28-37, 2003.


   2. THz spectroscopy of selected gasoline samples,

       F. M. Al- Douseri, C. Yunqing, and X.-C. Zhang.

       Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics/International Quantum Electronics Conference,

       pp.CMG6, San Francisco, 2004.


       3. Applications of THz-Time Domain Spectroscopy and Far-Infrared Fourier Transform

           Spectroscopy on Petroleum  Products Analysis,

           F. M. Al-Douseri, H. Liu, Yun-Sik,  Jin, Y. Chen, and X. C. Zhang.

           IRMMW  Proceeding,  Germany, 2004.


       4. Identification of petroleum products by THz-spectroscopy, 

           F. M. Al-Douseri, H. Liu, Y. Chen, Xi-Cheng  Zhang.

           Optical Society of America, FiO/LS 88th Annual Meeting, Rochester, NY, 2004.


       5. Quantitative Analysis of (o, m, p) Xylene in Gasoline by THz-Spectroscopy,

           F. M. Al-Douseri, Y. Chen, and X.-C.  Zhang.

           Conference on IRMMW, paper RA2, Williamsburg,  VA, 2005.


       6. THz wave sensing for petroleum industrial applications,

           F. M. Al-Douseri, Y. Chen, and X.-C. Zhang.

           Int. J. Infrared and Millimeter Waves, Volume 27, number 4, 2006 (in press).