Dr. Edward D. Davis


Ph. D., University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Current position:     Associate Professor                                                                 


Areas of interest:     

Recent Publications:                                                                                     



1.   Uniform approximation of wave functions with improved semiclassical transformation

      amplitudes and Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization,

      E. D. Davis

      Physical Review A70 (2004) 032101.


      2.   Bounds on P-odd T-odd interactions from polarized neutron capture with unpolarized targets,

            E. D. Davis, C. R. Gould, G. E. Mitchell and E. I. Sharapov,

            Physical Review C69 (2004) 015501.


3.   On the use of angle-action variables in semiclassical mechanics,

      E. D. Davis and G. I. Ghandour,

      Physics Letters A309 (2003) 1.


      4.   Canonical transformations and non-unitary evolution,

            E. D. Davis and  G. I. Ghandour,

            Journal of Physics A: Math. Gen. 35 (2002) 5975.


5.   On the ubiquity of non-unitary quantum canonical transformations,

      E. D. Davis and G. I. Ghandour,

      Physics Letters A278 (2001) 239.