Prof. Mohamed A. Karim


Ph. D., Durham University, U.K.

Current position:     Professor

  • Gravitation and cosmology

  • High-energy Physics

Recent Publications:                                                                                   


1.   Steepest descent contour analysis of quantum cosmology in two-dimensional dilaton gravity theories,

        M.A. Ahmed,

    (Submitted for publication)


2.   Renormalization effects in two-dimensional dilaton gravity,

       M.A. Ahmed,

    Il Nuovo Cimento 117 B (2002) 181.


3.  The Wheeler-DeWitt equation in two-dimensional dilaton gravity models, 

    M.A. Ahmed,

    Il  Nuovo Cimento 115B (2000) 112.


4.   Classical & quantum cosmology in a model of two-dimensional dilaton gravity,   

         M.A. Ahmed,

     Phys. Rev. D 61 (2000) 104012.