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Remote Sensing
B.Sc in Engineering Physics







Text Box: What is Remote Sensing? 
Remote sensing is the science of deriving information about the earth's environment from images acquired by satellites or via airborne carrying electromagnetic radiation detectors. It usually relies upon measurement of electromagnetic energy reflected or emitted from land, water and atmosphere.













                    The concept of remote sensing involves capturing images and analyzing the data

                    with computers to understand our environment





                                                                                  A satellite looking at the earth environment












                                     International Space Station Allows Remote Sensing of the Earth

















                                      The Green Island (Kuwait City) as imaged by satellite
























              Ground station for controlling and receiving remote sensing data





















                                                Remote Sensing includes both peace time and defense applications

















          Remote sensing environmental applications














Text Box: Why this major?
This major focuses on conceptual understanding of the basic physics that underlies most developments in satellite remote sensing technology and offers an opportunity at the undergraduate level to develop a deeper understanding of these fundamentals in an engineering context that promotes for their future career
















Text Box:               Specialization Courses in Remote Sensing
Phys 251   Introduction to Remote Sensing 
Phys 375   Physics of Climate
Phys 475   Visible & IR Remote Sensing 
Phys 476   Microwave Remote Sensing
Phys 479   Radar & Signal Image Processing 
Phys 470   Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
Phys 472   Space Science & Spacecraft Applications
Phys 477   Radar & Radio Navigation Aids
Phys 478   Satellite Meteorology 














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