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PHYS 434       (2-0-2)             Solid State Devices


P-n junction diodes: rectifiers, switching diodes, the breakdown diode, the varactor diode, tunnel diodes, photo-diodes, solar cells and photodetectors, light-emitting diodes, fiber optic communications.  Bipolar and field-effect transistors, fabrication and operation, the junction FET, the metal semiconductor FET, the metal-insulator-semiconductor FET.  Switching devices, unijunction transistor, four layer (p-n-p-n) devices.  Negative conductance  microwave  devices,  impact  avalanche  transit  time   (IMPATT) devices, the Read diode, the Gunn effect and related devices. Lasers: stimulated emission, the ruby laser, other laser systems, semiconductor lasers, heterojunction lasers.


Prerequisites: PHYS 303, PHYS 335