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PHYS 404       (3-0-3)             Solid State Physics


Crystal structure:  periodic arrays of atoms, fundamental types of lattices and simple crystal structures. Crystal diffraction and the reciprocal lattice: derivation of scattered wave amplitude, Brillouin zones, and Fourier analysis of the basis. Crystal binding:  crystals of inert gases, ionic crystals, covalent crystals, and metal crystals.  Photons, lattice vibrations:  vibration of monatomic lattices, lattice with two atoms per primitive cell, quantization of lattice vibrations, phonon momentum. Phonons, thermal properties:  lattice heat capacity and thermal conductivity.  Free electron Fermi gas: energy levels and density of orbitals in one dimension, effect of temperature on the Fermi Dirac distribution, free electron gas in three dimensions, heat capacity of the electron gas..  Electrical conductivity and Ohmís law, thermal conductivity of metals.  Energy bands: nearly free electron model, block functions, wave equation of electron in a periodic potential, number of orbitals in a band.


Prerequisite: PHYS 303