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PHYS 206       (3-0-3)             Waves


Oscillations:  Simple harmonic motion, application of S.H.M. and uniform circular motion,

combination of S.H.M., Lissajous figures, damped harmonic motion, forced harmonic motion a

nd resonance.  Waves in Elastic Media: mechanical waves, types of waves, travelling waves,

wave speed in a stretched string, interference of waves, standing waves, power and intensity

in wave motion.  Sound waves: audible, ultrasonic and infrasonic waves, propagation and

speed of longitudinal waves, travelling longitudinal waves, sound intensity and sound levels,

vibrating systems and sources of sounds, Doppler effect.  The Electromagnetic Plane Wave: 

Maxwell’s equations, a more general sinusoidal plane wave, types of polarization, natural light,

the recognition of a linearly light, polarization by reflection from a dielectric and Brewster angle,

Fresnel’s formulas, total internal reflection, reflection by a prism.  Interference:  Young’s double slits,

coherence, intensity of interfering waves, interference from thin films, Michelson’s interferometer. 

Diffraction: diffraction from a single slit, diffraction from a double slit, multiple slits, diffraction

grating, resolved power of the grating.  Heat and thermodynamics; the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales,

thermal expansion, quantity of heat, heat conduction, mechanical equivalent of heat, heat and energy,

first law of thermodynamics and applications.


Prerequisites: PHYS 102, Math 102.

Text: Halliday & Resnick, Fundamentals of Physics.